REDCap:EM - ML - Creating fields with translations

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In general

Creating multilingual fields always comprises two steps:

  1. Create the field and save & exit it
  2. Edit it again to add the translations

Data input fields, example: text field

Create Text field

Multilingual 7.png

Add translations

Multilingual 8.png

Required fields

Make field required

Required 1png.png

Add the following to each translation

Add the following to each translation
<p><span class="multilingual"; style="color:red;">*TRANSLATION</span> for example:

<p><span class="multilingual"; style="color:red;">*must provide value</span>

<p><span class="multilingual"; style="color:red;">*Pflichtfeld</span>

<p><span class="multilingual"; style="color:red;">*doit fournir de valeur</span>

<p><span class="multilingual"; style="color:red;">*italiano Pflichtfeld</span>

Required 2.png

Tip: use again the label box and put all languages there for convenience

Required 3.png
This results in the following display in the instrument’s list of fields
Required 4.png

Check the result in the survey

After refreshing your survey page, it will look like this:
Required 5.png

Validated fields

Add field and fill in Text Box, Field Label, Variable name, Validation

Validated 1.png

Add translations

Validated 2.png
Validated 3.png Add the translations for the field label
Validated 4.png Add the translations for the error messages that appear if the validation of entered values fails

(if not done in module configuration)

Validated 5.png Provide values that appear in the answers section, in this case the text on the today-button:Validated 7.png

Check result in your survey

Validated 6.png