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Steps to set up your instrument for multiple languages

Click on the designer

Multilingual 1.png

Rename your survey

Choose action -> rename

Attention: the name is important – choose one that you really like because we will create some variables and name them with the survey name in the variable name (e.g. survey_text_my_survey, for a survey with the name My Survey or my_survey)

Displayed tips

You might see tips coming from a software update or an activated external module. They disappear after working in another page and coming back to this page. For example:

From a SW update From multilingual EM
Multilingual 6.png Multilingual 2.pngMultilingual 3.png

Add a hidden language variable Multilingual 5.png

Multilingual 4.png

Refresh the page Browser refresh.png

The multilingual tip will disappear and the instrument is prepared for your multiple languages.


  • Do this before creating any other field
  • Don’t change languages afterward, it might mix-up the rest of your survey (to be further investigated)
  • Make sure that the variable name matches the first setting in the configuration (default: languages)