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The first glance on the configuration page of Multilingual can be overwhelming. Don't worry - it is not that complicated. Most fields concern the translation for standard text elements, such as the Next-Button. Here is an overview:

  • Many options that are mostly self-explanatory.
  • Languages Variable: keep the value “languages”. If you change it, make sure that you adapt the initial setup of the multilingual field.
  • Configure how to treat pdfs.
  • Possibility to provide translations for common UI-elements, such as button texts, e.g. for the “Save & Return” Option
  • Survey Control Text:
    • Submit button
    • Next button
    • Previous button
    • Reset Field link
    • Font Size Text
  • If no translations are given, the buttons display universal icons for the languages for which you did not specify translations.
  • Translations for error messages that appear when input could not be validated successfully


The best way is to start with first setting up the languages, and then continue to design your survey instrument.


Don't do this!

  • do not change the languages variable after initial creation