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The first glance on the configuration page of Multilingual can be overwhelming. Don't worry - it is not that complicated. Most fields concern the translation for standard text elements, such as the Next-Button. Here is an overview:

  • Many options that are mostly self-explanatory.
  • Languages Variable: keep the value “languages”. If you change it, make sure that you adapt the initial setup of the multilingual field.
  • Configure how to treat pdfs.
  • Possibility to provide translations for common UI-elements, such as button texts, e.g. for the “Save & Return” Option
  • Survey Control Text:
    • Submit button
    • Next button
    • Previous button
    • Reset Field link
    • Font Size Text
  • If no translations are given, the buttons display universal icons for the languages for which you did not specify translations.
  • Translations for error messages that appear when input could not be validated successfully


The best way to create a multilingual survey project is to start with setting up the languages and then continue to design your survey instrument.


Don't do this!

  • do not change the languages variable after initial creation