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2 Factor Authentication


External users that do not have yet an Edu-Id need to register here: [1]. If they don't have an AAI account, they use the manual registration page.


When clicking on login/logo, you will see the following message.

2fa 01.png

Click on the my edu-ID, Two-Step Login link to enable 2factor authentication for your edu-ID

Enable 2FA

2fa 02.png

You have two options:

  1. Authenticator app codes: this option is useful especially when you are working in spaces (such as laboratories) where you don't have always access to your mobile network.
  2. SMS Verification codes: this option will send to your phone

Authenticator app

You have to verify your phone by scanning a QR-Code and you need to have an Authenticator app installed (for sure you have as a ZHAW employee)

SMS Verification codes

Verify your mobile number by submitting it:

2fa 03.png

Put in the verification code that you have received

2fa 04.png

You will see SWITCH edu-ID Recovery Codes that you should store safely. 2fa 05.png

Afterwards, you are asked to log in to REDCap, by entering the received SMS code (in case of SMS) or the code that is currently displayed in the Authenticator app - depending on the method you have chosen. 2fa 06.png

First Time REDCap User

If you are logging in for the first time, REDCap might ask you to fill out your personal details to finish your account creation: 2fa 07.png

After submitting your data, you should see a confirmation 2fa 08.png

Check your inbox and confirm your account email address 2fa 09.png

CONGRATULATIONS!! You can now explore the world of REDCap!