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In surveys where you first ask for informed consent or test inclusion/exclusion criteria, it is usually beneficial to create several instruments for each purpose. In that case, stop criteria won't serve the purpose to end the survey early: stop criteria only jump to the end of the current instrument. If you have selected to auto-continue to next survey (which you would do to start one instrument after the previous is finished) in the survey settings, the next instrument will start despite the fact that a stop condition holds. In this use case, you need to rely on the Survey Queue.

How to use Survey Queues


  • Make sure that the option to auto-continue to next survey is NOT selected.

Survey queue survey option.png

  • You have several instruments created that should appear one after the other to survey participants.

Configure the Survey Queue

  1. Check the checkbox Keep the Survey Queue hidden from participants?
  2. Activate all instruments that are part of the survey, except for the first
  3. For each activated survey instrument, specify
    • after with survey it should follow
    • and which additional (AND) or alternative (OR) condition must hold so that the instrument is shown.

Survey queue settings.png

Tips and additional hints

  • Use the additional conditions to specify criteria such as informed consent, inclusion/exclusion criteria.
  • If you have many conditions such as several inclusion/exclusion criteria, create a calculated (hidden) field that returns 1 if the survey continues and 0 if the survey should be ended. Use this field in the conditions in the survey queue. In that case, you have to change the formula only once (in the calculated field), and not several times (in the survey queue), in case of changes.
  • You can keep stop criteria in case you want to stop the current instrument immediately and if you want to show the info message to the survey participant notifying them on ending the survey because of their selection.
  • Stop criteria are limited to fields such as multiple-choice, radio buttons, etc., whereas the conditions in survey queues are as powerful as the conditions in branching logic