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(Recommended training resources)
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== Recommended training resources ==
== Recommended training resources ==
* Training for data entry staff: []
* Detailed overview to get you started: [|General Overview and tutorial]
* Training for data entry staff: [|Data Entry]
== REDCap principles ==
== REDCap principles ==

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REDCap stands for Research Electronic Data Capture and is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. Without any coding knowledge, you can create intuitive web forms that allow logged-in users to enter new data in a safe way. You can transform such web forms into surveys by making them public.

Main Features

  • Projects with detailed settings and user access rights
  • Streamlined development process that guides through development and testing of a project
  • Coding-free creation of data capturing forms (so-called instruments)
    • Online Designer in real-time
    • Offline through so-called data dictionaries (excel sheets that can be uploaded)
  • Ensuring data integrity: plausibility checks with approval process when updating instruments during data collection phase
  • Supporting safe and error-free data entry
    • Validation rules
    • Branching logic
  • Surveys with built-in tools to distribute your survey link
  • Report generation with built-in descriptive statistics
  • Several data export formats
  • Advanced features commonly needed in research
    • Anonymization
    • Support of longitudinal studies
    • Support of study arms
    • Support of randomization

Recommended training resources

REDCap principles

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